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Cap Plastic - Encapsulators

Cap Plastic - Encapsulators

Cap Plastics or Encapsulators can be used to make superior bald caps or encapsulate silicone gel prosthetics. We offer a wide selection from different brands; each product has it's own properties and artists usally have their own preference which they'd like to use.

Encapsulator Safety

Cap Plastic - Encapsulators

  • Q-Ballz /120 ml

    Q-Ballz /120 ml

    5,82 EUR

  • Q Ballz Bald Cap Material /410gr

    Q Ballz Bald Cap Material /410 gr

    17,50 EUR

  • Key-Cap Beads /100 gr

    Key-Cap Beads /100 gr

    24,42 EUR

  • Latex Bald Cap

    Latex Bald Cap

    5,45 EUR

  • Baldcap Vinyl

    Baldcap Vinyl

    15,19 EUR

  • Kryolan Kaalkop Vinyl Small

    Kryolan Kaalkop Vinyl Small

    15,19 EUR

  • Key-Cap Aceton-based /120 gr

    Key-Cap Aceton-based /120 gr

    8,72 EUR

  • Super-Cap IPA-based /120 gr

    Super-Cap IPA-based /120 gr

    10,26 EUR

  • Latex Bald Cap Color Small

    14,67 EUR

  • Latex Bald Cap Color Large

    14,67 EUR

  • Latex Bald Cap Neutral Small

    14,88 EUR

  • Latex Bald Cap Neutral Large

    14,88 EUR


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