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Make-Up Brushes

Bdellium Brushes

Bdellium Tools SFX series brushes are professional, eco-friendly makeup brushes built to handle strong dyes and makeup products and create stunning special effects looks. The bristles and brush adhesives are specially formulated to withstand most solvents and brush cleaning solutions. With all sustainable bamboo handles, vegan soft synthetic bristles, and aluminum ferrules, these brushes boast all of the characteristic features of Bdellium Tools and also thrive in the daring realm of special effects makeup. Achieve flawless, reality-defying looks with the SFX series.

BDelium Set1

12pc Brush Set 1

Brush Set 1 components

  • Splatter 110X

    Splatter 110X

    10,36 EUR

  • Bent Glue 122X

    Bent Glue 122X

    7,77 EUR

  • Bent Liner 128X

    Bent Liner 128X

    10,36 EUR

  • Medium Dagger 134X

    Medium Dagger 134X

    12,09 EUR

  • Filbert 136X

    Filbert 136X

    12,96 EUR

  • Capillary 153X

    Capillary 153X

    7,77 EUR

  • Veining 156X

    Veining 156X

    10,36 EUR

  • FX10 175X

    FX10 175X

    13,82 EUR

  • SFX Muscle 179X

    SFX Muscle 179X

    14,50 EUR

  • Water Color 184X

    Water Color 184X

    10,36 EUR

  • Small Stippling Brush 193X

    Small Stippling Brush 193X

    13,82 EUR

  • Large Stippling Brush 195X

    Large Stippling Brush 195X

    19,00 EUR

BDelium Set2

12pc Brush Set 2

  • SFX Brush Set /12pc 2nd Collection

    SFX 12pc. Brush Set 2nd Collection

    116,64 EUR

Brush Set 2 components

  • Short Liner 116X

    Short Liner 116X

    8,64 EUR

  • Tattoo Liner 118X

    Tattoo Liner 118X

    9,50 EUR

  • 123X Large Bent Glue

    123X Large Bent Glue

    12,09 EUR

  • Square Glue 125X

    Square Glue 125X

    12,96 EUR

  • Small Dagger 133X

    Small Dagger 133X

    10,36 EUR

  • Large Dagger 135X

    Large Dagger 135X

    14,68 EUR

  • 138X Large Filbert

    138X Large Filbert

    14,68 EUR

  • Large Veining 157X

    Large Veining 157X

    10,36 EUR

  • Finger 167X

    Finger 167X

    10,36 EUR

  • Stomper 173X

    Stomper 173X

    12,09 EUR

  • Inverted Streak 177X

    Inverted Streak 177X

    14,50 EUR

  • Precision Stippling Brush 191X

    Precision Stippling Brush 191X

    12,09 EUR

BDelium Set3

8pc Brush Set 3

  • SFX Brush Set 8 PC 3rd Collection

    SFX Brush Set /8pc 3rd Collection

    84,67 EUR

Brush Set 3 components

  • SFX 108X Precision Splatter

    SFX 108X Precision Splatter

    12,96 EUR

  • SFX 127X Large Glue

    SFX 127X Large Glue

    15,55 EUR

  • SFX 145X Inverted Smudge

    SFX 145X Inverted Smudge

    13,82 EUR

  • SFX 163X Mini Finger

    SFX 163X Mini Finger

    8,64 EUR

  • SFX 174X

    SFX 174X

    12,09 EUR

  • SFX 186X Large Water Color

    SFX 186X Large Water Color

    12,96 EUR

  • SFX 190X Mini Stippling

    SFX 190X Mini Stippling

    9,50 EUR

  • SFX 197X All Over Stippling Brush

    SFX 197X All Over Stippling Brush

    24,19 EUR

Bdelium Brush Cleaner

  • Bdellium Brush Cleaner Ocean Breeze

    Bdellium Brush Cleaner Ocean Breeze

    17,28 EUR

  • Bdellium Brush Cleaner Citrus Lemon

    Bdellium Brush Cleaner Citrus Lemon

    17,28 EUR

BDelium accessoires

Bdelium Pouch & Tweezer

  • SFX Double Pouch

    SFX Double Pouch

    14,50 EUR

  • Bdellium Pro Performance Tweezer

    Bdellium Pro Performance Tweezer

    13,24 EUR


Why the Titanic FX Pro FX Brush Range? Use these brushes for applying, removing and colouring prosthetics. Eco-friendly and ethically sourced materials. Vegan bristles that can withstand the use of solvents. Available individually and also in a set of 10. Perfect for kits of all sizes. Buy the full set of 10 and receive reusable, water resistant pouch.

Brush Set

  • Titanic Pro FX Brush Set

    Titanic Pro FX brush set comes with a the full range of Pro-FX Brushes (#101 - #110) plus our water-resistant, reusable artist pouch and perspex painting palette worth!

    113,09 EUR


  • Brush No.101

    Small Liner Brush

    10,60 EUR

  • Brush No.102

    Bend Liner Brush

    10,60 EUR

  • Brush No.103

    Medium Filbert Brush

    0,00 EUR

  • Brush No.104

    Small Filbert Brush

    11,78 EUR

  • Brush No.105

    Long Filbert Brus

    11,78 EUR

  • Brush No.105

    Long Filbert Brus

    11,78 EUR

  • Brush No.106

    Small Flat Duo

    11,03 EUR

  • Brush No.107

    Small Round Duo-F

    11,78 EUR

  • Brush No.108

    Medium Flat Duo-F

    0,00 EUR

  • Brush No.109

    Medium Round Duo-Fib

    14,72 EUR

  • Brush No.110

    Large Round Duo Fibr

    18,26 EUR

  • Brush No.111

    Double-ended Splatt

    16,08 EUR

  • Brush No.111s


    11,54 EUR

  • Brush No.112

    1" Square Adhesive

    17,67 EUR


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