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For aging and coloring metal alloys

They are often used by artists as surface embellishments either for color, texture, or both. Patination composition varies with the reacted elements and these will determine the color of the patina. For copper alloys, such as bronze, exposure to chlorides leads to green, while sulfur compounds tend to brown.

Liquide Form

Liquide form

  • coldpatine /1ltr

    Antique-green coldpatine

    10,88 EUR

  • Coldpatine 111 /1ltr

    Blue-green coldpatine

    8,40 EUR

  • Nitric Acid /1lt

    Nitric Acid

    9,60 EUR

  • Astra politoer 1 ltr

    Astra politoer

    27,10 EUR

  • Iron Chloride /1ltr

    Brown-red patina's on copper alloys

    8,92 EUR

  • Coldpatine 516/3 /1ltr

    Darkbrown / black coldpatine

    8,40 EUR

Solid Form

Solid Form

  • Coppernitrate /100gr

    Coppernitrate give green patina's on copperalloys - 100 grams package.

    5,36 EUR

  • Coppernitrate / 1 kg

    Coppernitrate / 1 kg

    35,20 EUR

  • Brown Shellack /100gr

    Brown Shellack , 100 grams

    6,80 EUR

  • Bleeched Shellac /100gr

    colorless bleeched shellac

    9,50 EUR

  • Bleached Shellack 100gr

    Bleached Shellack 100 grams

    7,20 EUR

  • Liver of sulfur /100gr

    flakes of liver of sulfur for patining of brown and black tones on copper-alloys - 100 gram package.

    4,50 EUR

  • Natriumsulfide / 1 kg

    Natriumsulfide / 1 kg

    30,75 EUR


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