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Additives & Reinforcements

Set times of all Jesmonite composite materials can be extended by the addition of Retarder to increase working time.

Thixotrope is added so that the viscosity of Jesmonite can be adjusted to the users preference.

This type of glass reinforcement is tailor made for use with Jesmonite and make Jesmonite fibreglass laminates light, strong and fire resistant.

These can be added to all Jesmonite composites to give increased strength in thin section castings, and also to act as a filler to assist in laminating.

PVA fibres are the new alternative to glass reinforcements for cement systems.

Additives & Reinforcements

  • AC100 Additives

    AC100 Additives

    RETARDER extends Jesmonite composite material working times, and THIXOTROPE adjusts viscosity for controlled application, preventing runoff and allowing versatile usage, such as repair filler and bonding laminates. more

  • AC730 Additives

    AC730 Additives

    RETARDER extends Jesmonite composite material working times, and SUPER PLASTIFIER enhances self-leveling consistency and maximizes base-to-liquid ratio for improved strength and durability in AC630, AC730, and AC830 systems by reducing the water/cement ratio. more

  • Fibre Reinforcements

    Fibre Reinforcements

    This type of glass reinforcement is tailor-made for use with Jesmonite. It is based on the latest multiaxial glass reinforcement technology, which makes Jesmonite fiberglass laminates light, strong, and fire-resistant. more

  • Jesmonite Chopped Fibres

    Jesmonite Chopped Fibres

    Jesmonite chopped glass fibres are the simplest way to reinforce your casting more

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