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Plastiline, wax, clay , polymer clay

Modeling Materials

Modeling materials for sculpting, prototyping, stage design, product design, special-effects, animations or claymation, doll making, model building etc.

Chavant, Monster Makers, Sculpey polymer clay, Monster Clay, Castilene, Cosclay, Sugru, wax, water based clay,Free Form™ AIR,FF Habitat™ Fire Safe™,Sculpey Living Doll Series, and many thermoplastics

Modeling Materials

  • Epoxy Clays

    Epoxy Clays

    Epoxy is a self-hardening clay. Like liquid resin, two parts are mixed together, beginnin ... more

  • EVA Foam

    EVA Foam

    one of the most important materials for cosplayers. Strong and flexible, used for replicat ... more

  • Oil Based Clay

    Oil Based Clay

    Oil-based clays are made from various combinations of oils, waxes, and clay minerals. Beca ... more

  • Paper Maché

    Paper Maché

    this fine textured maché has a white body, is lightweight, strong and very versatile. more

  • Paverpol Resin

    Paverpol Resin

    is an acrylic resin for the impregnation of fabrics more

  • Polymer Clays

    Polymer Clays

    Polymer clay is a type of hardenable modeling clay based on a polymer.The one component cl ... more

  • Sculpture Block

    Sculpture Block

    extremely light and hard foam blocks. For sculpturing with lasting results. Easy to tool a ... more

  • Thermoplastics


    A thermoplastic, or thermosoftening plastic, is a plastic material, a polymer, that become ... more

  • Water Based Clays

    Water Based Clays

    Ceramic clays are water-based substances made from clay minerals. more

  • Waxes


    with different consistensies for modeling, and pouring. Beeswax, parrafinwax microwax etc more

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Let us help you find your way.

The list below may help you find what you are looking for via an alternative path.

  • Casting

    a wide range of flexible and rigid casting materials.

  • Composites

    resins, poyester, epoxy, acrylic resin, glass fibres etc.

  • Cosplay

    Products to make your own Cosplay Costumes and Props!

  • Foam

    expanding flexible and rigid foams, rigid blocks.

  • Molding

    flexible and rigid molding for all sorts of objects.

  • Prototyping

    resins and other materials used for rapid prototyping.

  • Restoration

    restoring in- and exterior ornaments and buildings.

  • Special Properties

  • Textile

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