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Chavant NSP Plastiline

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Smooth-On is one of the worlds leading manufaturers 3D modeling materials such as mold-making, casting and special effects materials but also industrial casting resins, adhesives and equipment. FormX is main distributor of Smooth-On products in Europe.

Modelling Clays

Chavant Plastilines are used throughout a variety of industries in many different and unique ways. Chavant clays are oil / wax based, reusable, do not create dust, can be modeled by hand or machine and do not harden, allowing work to continue for indefinite periods of time. These clays are not meant to be fired in a kiln or cured in an oven.

All formulas can be CNC milled, scanned, carved, extruded, and slicked to an extremely accurate, glass-like finish. The clays join easily, will not show seams, hold fine detail and will not crack under normal circumstances.


NSP Soft

  • NSP-Soft brown /0,9kg

    No Sulphur, non-drying

    12,50 EUR

  • NSP-Soft tan /0,9kg

    No Sulphur, non-drying

    12,50 EUR


NSP Medium

  • NSP-Medium green /0,9kg

    No Sulphur, non-drying

    11,34 EUR

  • NSP-Medium brown /0,9kg

    No Sulphur, non-drying

    11,34 EUR

  • NSP-medium tan /0,9kg

    No Sulphur, non-drying

    11,34 EUR


NSP Hard

  • NSP-Hard green /0,9kg

    No Sulphur, non-drying

    12,50 EUR

  • NSP-Hard Brown /0,9kg

    No Sulphur, non-drying

    12,50 EUR


Description: NSP was introduced in 1993. The intention was to eliminate the sulphur filler in a professional grade sculpting clay, which often caused inhibition problems with various liquid rubber
mold-making materials.

The NSP product line consists of clays that contain higher percentage of wax components making the clays somewhat “tuffer”. Available in Soft, Medium or Hard (terms only
relevant to the NSP product line) these clays have good adhesive qualities, flexibility and length. Because they are “tuffer” NSP tends to accept cut detail lines very cleanly, with
no ragged edges. The surface texture of NSP will be somewhat “grabby” when compared to sulphur-based clays and even the NSP – Soft is rather firm by some people’s standards.

NSP is available in Brown or Gray-Green. All three grades of NSP – Brown are the same shade of Brown color. The Gray-Green shades are all different. Clients often want to mix clays. Sometimes clients want the mixed clay to be the same color other times they want the color to be different.

NSP is commonly used by artists for the creation of sculpture and is often used to fill cracks in industrial patterns or to build dams when making splash molds. Product designers who freehand sculpt also use NSP.
NSP is subject to surface oxidation. If the clay is in its original package it will have a long shelf life, certainly months and probably years. If the clay is repeatedly heated and cooled, oxidation is accelerated. Sometimes this characteristic is beneficial in handling or mold making since the surface can become harder. Clients rarely comment on oxidation.

Handling tips: NSP can be warmed to soften but as it softens it also becomes sticky. Using small amounts of water, citrus-based solvents, lighter fluid, latex paint removers, turpentine or mineral spirits as a lubricant on the surface of the clay will help to attain a smooth surface.

Unique Prop’s: NSP can actually be melted and poured as a casting, brushed or sprayed. The melting point is approximately 80 C Firmness: Soft “4”, Medium “7”, Hard “8” on a scale of 1-10. See Firmness Chart on page 5.

Softening point: NSP - Soft is generally used at room temperature. NSP – Medium and Hard are most often warmed to a temperature of 40.5C -48.8 to soften it. When it returns to room temperature it also returns to the initial firmness.

Working Temp: Room temperature to 40.5.

Cautions: Due to potential oxidation, if a model is expected to sit for months at a time, it may be best to keep it out of direct
sunlight and to cover it with a plastic bag to prevent direct contact with air.

Hygiene: Wash hands with soap and water after use.


Multiple blocks of the same kind

5-19 blocks -5%

Buy your Chavant Plastilene per full box of 20 pcs and enjoy major discounts on our per block prices !

1 full box -8%
2 full boxes -8%
3 full boxes -12%
4 full boxes -12%
5 full boxes -15%
10 full boxes -20%


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