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Metal Powders and Resins for Cold Casting

Metal / Stone / Wood Fillers

All fillers, patina's and suitable products

All Fillers and patina's

  • Real Metal Powders

    Metal powders are used, as an additive to various resins and acrylcast to make castings with a metallic appearance, the so-called "cold-cast metal". "Cold-Casting" is a term used to describe the p...

  • Quarry Tone™ Fillers

    Quarry Tone fillers can be added to (clear) resins to yield a stone like finish. Specially blended powders that can be added to some Smooth Cast liquid plastics or liquid rubbers to create real...

  • Urefil Fillers

    are powders added to resins. Some are used to save costs, others for specific effects or improved properties.

  • Patina's

    They are often used by artists as surface embellishments either for color, texture, or both. Patination composition varies with the reacted elements and these will determine the color of the patina...

Suited products to combine with

  • Smooth-Cast™ 325 series

    neutral color resins, ideal for pigmenting or create marble, wood-grain, bronze and other effects.

  • Smooth-Cast Onyx

    deep black, solid plastic with shore 80D. Offers higher physical properties and heat resistance.

  • Gypsum & Plaster

    a wide range of qualities and quantities in Bags and buckets.

  • AcrylCast

    a mineral and polymer based AcrylCast molding and casting system is strong and economical.


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