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AcrylCast Mineral Polymer


AcrylCast is a non toxic, water based - mineral/acrylic - casting and molding system. It is easy to use and pleasant to work with.

AcrylCast consists of a mineral powder component and an acrylic liquid component that are mixed together to a yoghurt like consistency that can be cast solid or laid up by hand with glass fiber reinforcement to form strong and lightweight pieces. These pieces can be painted, sanded, machined, polished and are extremely strong and durable.

Applications include the production of architectural elements, reproducing sculpture, molds and back-up molds, creating theme effects etc
Metal Powders (bronze, iron, brass) can be added to give the look of metal. Marble and stone powders can be added to achieve various results.

AcrylCast technical bulletin.pdf [219 KB]

AcrylCast Sets

AcrylCast Sets - Powder + Liquid

AcrylCast Kits

  • AcrylCast Sample Set /875gr

    Test Set 875 gram (625 gram powder + 250 gram liquid).

    7,50 EUR

  • AcrylCast Studio Set /3,5kg

    Studio Set 3,5 kg (1kg Liquid + 2,5kg Powder).

    24,95 EUR

AcrylCast Kits

  • AcrylCast Production Set /17,5kg

    Production Set 17,5 kg (5kg Liquid + 12,5kg Powder).

    100,42 EUR

  • AcrylCast Industrial Set /35kg

    Industrial Kit 35 kg (25kg powder + 10kg Liquid).

    197,07 EUR

Acrylcast Liquid

AcrylCast Liquids

AcrylCast Liquid

  • Liquid /1kg

    For 2,5kg powder

    12,90 EUR

AcrylCast Liquid

  • Liquid /5kg

    For 12,5kg powder

    59,50 EUR

Optional X

AcrylCast Optional X Safety

- Read the safety information label. Click on the image

- Lees het veiligheidsinformatie label. Klik op de afbeelding.

- Lisez les informations de sécurité cliquez sur l'image

- Lea la etiqueta de información de seguridad. Haga clic en la imagen

- Lesen Sie das Sicherheitsinformationsetikett. Klicken Sie auf das Bild.

Optional X

  • Optional X /0,262kg

    Component for improved whether resistance - Studio Set

    3,50 EUR

  • Optional X /1,31kg

    Component for improved whether resistance - Production Set

    13,10 EUR

  • Optional X /2,62kg

    Component for improved whether resistance - Industrial Set

    26,20 EUR

Thickener and Retarder


  • Thickener /250gr

    Thickener for all of our AcrylCast system

    8,20 EUR

  • Retarder /250gr

    Slows the setting time of Acrylcast - Industrial Set

    13,45 EUR

  • Retarder /125gr

    Slows the setting time of Acrylcast - Production Set

    6,10 EUR

Technical Bulletin


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