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FFX F-series paint


The F-Series Silicone paints have been developed for the Special-FX Artists, Silicone Sculptors and Doll Artisans in mind. They contain a higher concentration of pigments for faster coverage, which is excellent for airbrush work.
With a wide range of colors, the F-Series will make painting realistic skin tones and special-FX props more attainable for the novices and more convenient for the pros.

FFX F-series

  • F-201 Pure White /30gr

    Pure White /1oz

    26,28 EUR

  • F-207 Chewy Magenta /30gr

    Chewy Magenta /1oz

    32,60 EUR

  • F-208 Skin Mauve /30gr

    Skin mauve /1oz

    32,60 EUR

  • F-212 Yellow Ochre /30gr

    Yellow Ochre /1oz

    24,90 EUR

  • F-213 Rusty Sienna /30gr

    Rusty Sienna /1oz

    32,60 EUR

  • F-214 Earthy Umber /30gr

    Earthy umber /1oz

    24,90 EUR

  • F-216 Fresh Blood /30gr

    Fresh blood /1oz

    24,90 EUR

  • F-217 Old Blood /30gr

    Old Blood /1oz

    32,60 EUR

  • F-218 Sasha Vein Blue /30gr

    Sacha vein blue /1oz

    24,90 EUR

  • F-219 Bruise Red /30gr

    Bruise red /1oz

    32,60 EUR

  • F 220 Bruise Yellow /30gr

    Bruise yellow /1oz

    32,60 EUR

  • F-221 Bruise Purple /30gr

    Bruise purple /1oz

    24,90 EUR

  • F-222 Bleached Bone /30gr

    Bleached bone /1oz

    24,90 EUR

  • F 230 Darkest Brown /30 gr

    Darkest Brown /1oz

    24,90 EUR

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from €2500,- onward - minus 6%

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