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Polyester Resins


Polyester Resins, gelcoat, putty, Glass fibre & accessoires

Polyester laminating resins are generally used with glass matt reenforcement to build thin, strong layers for the construction of molds, back-up molds or objects. The resin is weighed out and after the addition of a small amount of MEK catalyst ( 2% - 4%) it starts to gel and finally harden. The more catalyst you add, the faster the curing (hardening) process goes. Do not mix more than you can comfortably handle in 15-20 minutes. For larger surfaces mix multiple batches and work "wet in wet". Build up a thickness of at least 3 layers of glass by cutting small patches and put them overlapping on the surface of your mold/model. Impregnate the resin by dabbing with a brush. Wet out the glass mat but do not use excessive amounts of resin. For a standard square meter of 300 grams mat you should use ca. 800 grams of resin.

Polyester resins

  • Polyester Laminating Resin

    Polyester Laminating Resin

    combine with glass matt reinforcement for thin, strong layers to build back-up molds or bo ... more

  • Polyester Clear Casting resin

    Polyester Clear Casting resin

    (PX-Clear) a cost effective clear resin used for encapsulation, decorations and more. more

  • Polyester Gel Coat

    Polyester Gel Coat

    for high quality surface layer in your mold. Extra resistance against abbrasive forces, as ... more

  • Polyester Pigment

    Polyester Pigment

    can be added to all polyester products in various ratio's to achieve the desired color. more

  • Polyester Catalyst (MEK)

    Polyester Catalyst (MEK)

    MEK catalyst to use with polyester resins and polyester anti-adhesive. more

  • Polyester Anti Stick

    Polyester Anti Stick

    MEK catalyst to use with polyester resins and polyester anti-adhesive. more

  • Polyester Glass Fibre

    Polyester Glass Fibre

    reinforcement material to build thin, strong layers, fiberglass matts, multi-axial, choppe ... more

  • IJssel Polyester System

    IJssel Polyester System

    Epoxy resin and adhesives for bonding, laminating and preservation of various materials. F ... more

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