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Ijssel Epoxy System

IJssel Epoxy System

Epoxy resin & adhesives

Variopox Epoxy Resin

Variopox Epoxy Resin

  • Variopox Laminating resin 750ml

    Epoxy resin for bonding, laminating and preservation of various materials. Free of solvents. Combine with various fiberglass materials. Color: transparent

  • Variopox Injection resin set 750ml

    Thin epoxy resin without solvents. To apply the first layer draining surfaces for gluing, laminating and preservation of various materials. Color: transparent Packaging: 750 ml

Variopox Injection resin is a high-quality two-component epoxy primer. Apply as first layer on absorbent surfaces, also under the waterline. Contains no solvents.

Variopox Info

• Excellent adhesion to wood, steel, polyester and other surfaces, provided in the right way
• High water vapor density;
• Resistant to various chemicals;
• Sandable;
• Semi-flexible so that vibrations are collected;
• Suitable for use under the waterline;
• Also available in large packaging for machine dosage.

Light green - Matt

Density: about 1.5 g / cm3 , (mixed product)
Solid content: approximately 100% (volume)
Dust dry: about 2 hours
Fully hardened after: 2 days, see additional information
About to paint after: at least 24 hours, see additional information
max. unlimited, provided clean, grease-free and sanded
Shelf life: not mixed, in original packaging in a cool and frost-free place at least 6 months
Flash point (DIN53213): base component 150 ºC
hardener component 112 ºC

At 500 μm (dry layer): 1.1 m⊃2; / kg
The practical return depends on a number of factors, such as the shape of the object, the
condition and profile of the surface, the method of application, the weather conditions and the
craftsmanship of the applicator.

dry and free of rust, grease, dirt and loose parts, blasted to ISO Sa2 ½ and pretreated with IJmopox ZF primer;
Wood: dry and free of grease, contamination and loose parts, moisture content up to 12%, pretreated with Variopox Injection resin and sanded with grain P120;
Polyester: dry and free of grease, contamination, loose parts and old paint layers, sanded with grit P120 and treated with Double Coat Degreaser;
Other surfaces: free of old paint layers, oil, grease, and loose parts, preferably treated with IJmopox ZF primer or Variopox Injection resin.
A minimum temperature of 15 ºC is permitted during application and hardening. The the temperature of the substrate must be at least 3 ºC above the dew point.

Mix the components intensively before use.
Mixing ratio:
67.0 basis: 33.0 harder (parts by weight)
67.0 basis: 33.0 harder (parts by volume)
Only create an amount that can be processed within the processing time to be applied.


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